Want To Know the Different Grips that can be used to cast Different Grips to Use Illustratesd

Tying Tenkarea line to leader


Checkout Orvis Animated Knots
This an excellent site to utilize to review knots that you are going to be using. Tying line to leader or leader to tippet and tippet to fly the knots on this site.



Joan Wulff is one of the first women to be an expert in the art of casting.

Double Haul Cast

Everybody wants to learn to double-haul, but some anglers struggle to learn it. Pete Kutzer shows that you don't have to haul to improve your distance casting.

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In order to know what flies to use one needs to understand bugs. Many of the insects found by water are Mayflies, Stoneflies or Terrestrials. The life cycle of each are different as well as their physiology. There are different stages insects go through.

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