Now that you found your way to this website I hope you make new connections and are able to have many more ompportunities to wet a line as well as to have a tightline

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Save our Oregon Steelhead

Steelhead fishing Elk Creek Lake Erie with the PFBC Saturday November I just arrived here tonight Friday. There was snow on the ground! I’m looking forward to meeting up with friends! Hopefully we will all have tightlines. I spent a good part of the week tying flies to try out. Made some crystal meth, sucker spawns, and streamers.

Elk Creek steelheads

Steelhead fishing

Make sure you a reel with a large arbor and strong drag system. Make sure rod and reel are balanced

Leaders knotless tapered

Creating Your Own Leader
Create your own leader


Indicator fishing 3x to 4x

Tippett match with leader 3x to 4x

Flies to use

Copper John works well

Use 2 different colors for flies

Line to fly trilene knot

Line to line blood knot or surgeons knot

Fly line to leader

Nail knot

Surgeons loop


The new zipper allows for greater ease in and out of the waders, gives more room for layers and is helpful when nature calls. Let’s be real, as a women, peeing in waders is difficult! There’s just no way around it. I love that SIMMS has made an effort to create a way for women to keep their guide jacket on in extreme conditions.

Simple Spey Casting


Joe Humphreys signature on my hat
Joe Humphreys signature on my hat

I tied up some Rusty Spinners

Support Orvis 50/50

Great time teaching york kids to fly fish

Teaching Inner city Fly Fishing

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