Now that you found your way to this website I hope you make new connections and are able to have many more opportunities to wet a line as well as to have a tight line.

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Big Spring Creek kept calling me to wet a line last week. So I embarked on a 4 hr fishing adventure! I caught a few small natives

I know during this pandemic I have spent a lot of time tying flies. I started with dry flies.Quill Gordon’s, Blue Gordon’s, March Browns

Streamers were also on deck. W

Woolly Buggers
woolly Bugger

I also typed up some Parachutes

BWO Parachute


The new zipper allows for greater ease in and out of the waders, gives more room for layers and is helpful when nature calls. Let’s be real, as a women, peeing in waders is difficult! There’s just no way around it. I love that SIMMS has made an effort to create a way for women to keep their guide jacket on in extreme conditions.

Simple Spey Casting


Joe Humphreys signature on my hat
Joe Humphreys signature on my hat

I tied up some Rusty Spinners

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Great time teaching york kids to fly fish

Teaching Inner city Fly Fishing

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