Wally Wings

I I started tying Wally Wings today. Wally Wings imitate the Mayfly. Materials needed to tie this Fly are: tiemco 100 bl hook, wood duck or mallard duck feather (wing) , moose mane (tail) black thread (rib)’ Hendrickson dubbing (body). I got out my “History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies” by Ian Whitelaw. I […]

Build a simple Euro style tight line nymphing leader

George Harvey and Jo Humphreys pioneered this technique. Over the last several years there has been a renewed interest and steam What you’ll Need RIO Superflex 13.5 ft 4x is. Soft nylon leader RIO or Umpqua 3x two-tone Indicaftor Tippet. Tippet Rings 4x through 7 x tippet fluorocarbon The Setup Take the RIO Suppleflex leader […]