Fly Tying during the Pandemic

Hi Everybody. I hope everyone is safe and following the guidelines. I’ve been using the time to get out and fish. Last week the Grannom hatch was amazing out at Yellow Breeches. Quite crowded everyone had the same idea. I tied flies in the morning and got out and fished the afternoons. Today I got up early and took the dog and went off to the Big Spring Creek in Newville. Beautiful morning but no tight lines. Few fish were seen. About 11am the wind kicked up and my back ached so I bailed. It’s back to the vise.

Wally Wings

I I started tying Wally Wings today. Wally Wings imitate the Mayfly. Materials needed to tie this Fly are: tiemco 100 bl hook, wood duck or mallard duck feather (wing) , moose mane (tail) black thread (rib)’ Hendrickson dubbing (body). I got out my “History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies” by Ian Whitelaw. I looked up the Little Marryat fly designed by George Marryat in 1850 in England. He created it to imitate Mayflies.