Build a simple Euro style tight line nymphing leader

George Harvey and Jo Humphreys pioneered this technique. Over the last several years there has been a renewed interest and steam

What you’ll Need

RIO Superflex 13.5 ft 4x is. Soft nylon leader

RIO or Umpqua 3x two-tone Indicaftor Tippet.

Tippet Rings

4x through 7 x tippet fluorocarbon

The Setup

Take the RIO Suppleflex leader cutoff 24 inch so you get down to around 3x diameter section of the leader and a length of 11-11.5 ft. Then tie in 24 to 30 inches of indicator material to the leader using a strong blood knot.

Next tie tippet ring to end of indicator line then tie on tippet to tippet ring.

Next tie tippet ring to end of indicator line then gtie on tippet to tippet ring.

This was taken from article by George Costco in Hatchmag

Wally Wings

I I started tying Wally Wings today. Wally Wings imitate the Mayfly. Materials needed to tie this Fly are: tiemco 100 bl hook, wood duck or mallard duck feather (wing) , moose mane (tail) black thread (rib)’ Hendrickson dubbing (body). I got out my “History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies” by Ian Whitelaw. I looked up the Little Marryat fly designed by George Marryat in 1850 in England. He created it to imitate Mayflies.