Yesterday National Fishing Day

Now that you found your way to this website I hope you make new connections and are able to have many more opportunities to wet a line as well as to have a tightline

Watch the Pine Creek

Fishing Penns Creek

Last night the fish were rising. Size 12 BWO was the fly that hooked them. Standing there reflecting on day I became aware of the sounds around me take a listen

Checkout Rusty Spinners

Orvis 50/50 is highlighting me.

1 Where do you live?
Hanover, PA which is South central PA
2 How long have you been fly fishing?
15 yrs
3 Who is your favorite fly-fishing partner?
Someone who challenges me and I’m
Learning new techniques, patterns and
Local honey spots if someone is willing
To spill the beans.

4 What is your favorite water to fish?
Spring Creek and Pine Creek PA

5 What is your favorite species to fish for?
Brookies and all trout. Cutthroat is on
My bucket list.

6 What species/destination is at the top of your bucket list?
Salmon and Steelhead up North
Tarpon and Perfect down South

7 What are your three top fly patterns?
North Country Spiders Flymphs
Pheasant Tails work really real for brookies
Mop Fly is the latest rage. Royal Wulff dry fly

I taught fly fishing to a group of women through
PFBC this Spring

Some Friends had a great Memorial weekend wetting lines on Mill Run Danny Lease and friends

Heather Hodson and Dad fishing in Alaska.

Women’s Initiative 2019

Support Local

02 N. Baltimore Ave. Suite B-1
Mount Holly Springs, PA 17065

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